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2024 Summer

Flower Subscription

We are so excited to be launching our Summer Bouquet Subscription. This will be our fifth year growing at our Greenhouse, and our seventh year offering the subscription.


All of the flowers offered through our scrip are grown locally, here at our flower farm in Highland Park,IL. Every flower is seeded and grown by hand, beginning in early Spring. We specialize in specialty variety florals and unique colors. More questions? We've got the answers!


Subscription Q&A

Q: When does the subscription begin?

A: We will begin the subscription this year on Friday, July 12th. This allows us ample time to ensure our crop has reached full maturity, and is ready for harvest.

Q: What types of flowers will be in my bouquet?

A: Your bouquet will be a collection of what is looking its' best at the farm that particular week.

Q: Can I request specific colors?

A: Unfortunately, due to volume and variety, we cannot take specific color requests.


Q: If this is a gift, how will I let the recipient know about 

      their subscription?

A: We will provide you with a beautiful, hand printed gift certificate that can be delivered, or picked up. You can also select to add on a custom flower arrangement to be delivered with your gift certificate.

Q: What if I'm on vacation during my subscription?

A: You are able to defer your subscription for ONE week. After that, you are able to gift to a family member or friend (locally)

Q: Do you ship?

A: Unfortunately, we do not currently ship.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: We do! We currently delivery to Highland Park, Deerfield, Winnetka, Northern Wilmette, Lake Forest and Norhbrook.

Q: Where do I pick-up my bouquet if I choose to do so?

A: Your bouquet will be ready at our farm each week. We are located at 1911 Ridge Rd, Highland Park, IL


Q: What will my arrangement come in?

A: The first week, you will receive your arrangement in a specially curated vase. After that, your bouquet will arrive in a clear, glass vase. You may return those vases to us after use to be recycled and re-used. 


Q: If I'm getting my arrangement delivered, what time will it           arrive?

A: Deliveries go out first thing in the morning. If you are not able to be home, we cannot guarantee quality of your bouquet if it is sitting in the Summer heat all day.


If you have any further questions, it would be our pleasure to help answer them. 

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